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There is more to graphic design than just the difference between appealing and unattractive. It is the difference between customers choosing you over one of your competitors.

Your first impression is a lasting one; it is someone's first exposure to your company's stationery or advertisement, which lasts. Business is challenging enough to obtain, but with a magnetic visual impression on your side you can further the interests of your actual business. You'll want to consider having a professional graphic designer (hopefully, us!) to make and perfect your business brand. You only get one shot at making a first impression. Increase your chances of acquiring and maintaining prospective customers with cutting-edge graphic design.

So, why should you choose us? We usually let our work do our talking, but for now we will let our words speak. When you come to us, you can expect high quality graphics. Whether you already have a concept in mind or need some help developing a concept, we can produce a visually creative design that is sure to captivate your audience.

We apply basic design principles to every one of our Kreative Approaches. These principles, along with the proper use of typography and imagery help us kreate designs that will gain and retain your customer's interest.

Take the flyers below for example; they are advertising the same event. One was created by the business owner and lacks basic design principles, the other by yours truly — Print Kreations.

Difference between good and bad design

Which flyer draws your attention more? Which would you pick up and want to read? Lastly, which would you take more seriously?

The one on the right? Correct! This flyer did not use Clipart found in a Word Processor. Instead, this intriguing flyer was designed specifically for this event. Also, the arrangement of the text is clearer. At the top, there is information on the location of the event, and at the bottom, a message calling for volunteers.

Another difference can be found in the overall layout. The text on the right is center aligned, which is a common trend in the work of non-designers. Also, the flyer to the right uses a variety of fonts, which was done to emphasize that line. Instead, we simply used the same font but changed the size and weight. This allows the viewer to read the text more easily and willingly.

Become noticed by applying state-of-the-art graphic design to your advertisements, products or even your website. Rest assured that your company is making a good and lasting first impression each and every time!