Customer Testimonials

Gregory A. Love
Love's Music Productions, Inc.

I want to thank Ernie Armstead and the entire Print Kreations Staff/Team/Associates for yet another year of professionalism, integrity and dedication. Ernie, you are the man! I know it is not easy working with me sometimes but you always deliver. Your products and services are second to none. Your company is truly FIRST-CLASS to say the least. The 'Love's Music' family thanks Print Kreations for over three years of service. With Print Kreations we will continue to shine 'Love' amongst the community...Thank You!

Jake Vernon
Power Brothers

Print Kreations has done work for me in the past and I must say I will not go anywhere else with my business. Ernie Armstead, their lead designer, is one of the best if not the best graphic and web designers I have met. I have had the pleasure of hiring Print Kreations to design my logo for my company. I will be using them for my Web Site as well in the near future. They were very patient as I wanted to be very precise with the final logos. I could not have hired anyone better to help my company get off to the right start!!!

Sunn Byrd
Sunn Byrd Productions

I am an author and I would like to send out a special thanks to Print Kreations. While in the process of preparing to market my new children's book I found myself in desperate need of a new Graphic Design Company. A friend referred me to Ernie Armstead, I examined some work that had been done by them for other projects and decided to take a chance with them. Two months later, I am giving Print Kreations a five star rating for their professionalism, creativity, product turn around and reasonable cost. I have even had the pleasure of bringing them aboard as my new Illustrators to continue my works.

Berch Harris

Creative minds with a flair. Print Kreations brings a young fresh approach to the design world. At CIMIWORLD, we have been glad to have a working relationship with Ernie Armstead Jr., P.K.'s President, for four years and counting. We have enjoyed P.K.'s fast turn around service on our design projects & we are sure you will too.

Kathleen Medley
Premier Event Planning & Consulting

I have worked with the staff at Print Kreations for several years and I am appreciative of their professionalism, hard work, prompt attention to my needs, and reasonable pricing. I recommend Print Kreations to all of my clients.

Tymeka Hurst
Lia Sophia

Print Kreations is the go to company providing excellent customer service, fresh and innovative designs, and an expedient turnaround time. We use them for all our graphic design and printing needs.

Adele Ann Taylor
Adele's Literacy Library

Print Kreations not only thinks outside of the box they actually rebuilt the box! Their level of commitment towards my business, helping me to design my website was far superior than I could have ever imagined. From my business cards to my book marks, my brand is like no other, thanks to Print Kreations!